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The U-M Exercise & Sport Science Initiative (ESSI) conducts and partners in research to lead improvements in health, well-being, and performance. ESSI’s multidisciplinary projects support and explore the science underlying new advances in exercise and sport with the eventual goal of translating these new evidence-based ideas into practice.

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“Through ESSI, we are exploring the potential of emerging areas of research, leveraging investments with existing university research, evaluating new ideas and approaches, and accelerating the progress of new ideas to practice.”

Rebecca Cunningham
U-M Vice President for Research

IMUBaseballAssessment_MiPR Adam 7.26.22

Novel Wearable Technology

The Michigan Performance Research Laboratory team incorporates cutting-edge technology into research projects to assess functional movement patterns across a variety of sport activities. RunScribeTM wearable sensors are a new form of technology in the lab that are capable of measuring key biomechanical outcomes during running, such as cadence (or step rate) and magnitude of loading. The research team will be able to leverage these lightweight, portable sensors to conduct prospective outdoor assessments, with the goal of understanding biomechanical features that relate to training, performance, and injury.

IMUBaseballAssessment_MiPR Adam 7.26.22

MiPACE Study

The MiPACE study is a large-scale investigation looking at over 200 runners, and how fitness and health metrics change over an 18+ month period. Using wearable technology to track in-life data, and lab-based measures to assess musculoskeletal biomechanics and cardiorespiratory physiology, the MiPACE study is one of the largest of its kind. The results will have a profound impact on running related research questions, including training volumes, running related injury risk factors, and the effect of COVID-19 on running related fitness.

Inpact at Home

InPACT at Home is an evidence-informed, home-based physical activity program that enables K-12 students to engage in health-enhancing physical activity and physical education during COVID-19 and beyond.