The Michigan Performance Research Laboratory

ESSI is the new home of the Michigan Performance Research Laboratory.

The Michigan Performance Research Laboratory will now be located in the Institute for Social Research, the largest academic social science research organization in the world.

426 Thompson St.,
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2321


About Us

Who we are

The MiPR, or “my PR,” Lab, helps elite athletes and everyday exercisers achieve their personal best. Our team investigates the biomechanics of human movement to optimize function, enhance injury resiliency, and ensure lifelong health. To achieve this, we focus research in three main areas: (1) advancing knowledge of the complexity of musculoskeletal injury development; (2) developing novel metrics to assess and monitor real-world performance using wearable sensors; and (3) investigating the biomechanical and motor control consequences associated with changes in body dynamics, age, or skill. We have a diverse array of current and former research projects, as well as numerous publications.

What we do

We work with clinical, research, and industry partners to develop cross-disciplinary approaches to challenges in athletic performance, health and wellness, and sport technology. We incorporate wearable sensors and in-field assessments to gain a more realistic understanding of individual and generic biomechanics.


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The lab has been designed to facilitate analysis of human biomechanics and physiology during dynamic activity. The facility includes state-of-the-art technology, including 2-D and 3-D kinematics, muscle activity, underfoot pressure, ground reaction force, isometric and isokinetic strength, expired gases, and energy expenditure. The lab also features three 55” LED television screens for biofeedback and demonstration and a treatment table.


  • 10-sensor wireless inertial measurement unit system (Noraxon Myomotion)
  • 17-sensor wired inertial measurement unit system (Xsens MVNBiomch)
  • 4 wireless inertial measurement units (Opal, APDM)
  • 3 wireless high-resolution 400G accelerometers (Noraxon)
  • 100 Hz Infrared cameras (Noraxon Myovideo)
  • High-speed (up to 1000 Hz) cameras (AOS Technologies)

Muscle Activity and Strength

  • 16-channel wireless EMG (Noraxon Myomuscle)


  • Instrumented Treadmill (h/p/cosmos Quasar)
  • Wireless in-sole force sensors (Novel Pedoped)
  • Wired in-sole pressure sensors (Novel PedarX)
  • Portable force plate (AMTI)


  • Breath-by-breath portable expired gas analyzer (Cosmed K4b2)
  • Bloodless muscle oxygenation monitor (BSX Insight)


  • Optical timing gate systems (Fusion Sport Smartspeed)
  • Vertical jump measurement (Vertec)