U-M student-athlete undergoes performance assessment


Innovation on the Mat

  • Emma McLean tumbled from one corner of the mat to the other, ending her floor exercise with a high double backflip. When the University of Michigan gymnast landed, a sharp pain shot up her heel. X-rays and an MRI revealed the reigning Big Ten champion bruised the soft tissue in her left heel. McLean returns to the mat this weekend to defend her title thanks to a custom heel cup designed by engineering researchers.

New Age: How Analytics, Technology are Helping Michigan Win

  • Currently, seven varsity programs within the University of Michigan Athletic Department use Catapult, a small, wearable GPS-like device that tracks data metrics during practice and competition. Wear it and it’ll tell you how fast you’re going, how high you’re jumping, how quickly you’re changing direction and so much more.

Sports analytics in basketball

  • Predictive analytics can help you win your March Madness pool, but how about a real example in which numbers helped a team? An example so obvious that even a team’s most bitter rival can see the change?

Science in Sport

  • University of Michigan infielder Ako Thomas’ season was in jeopardy after he broke a bone in his hand. But a mechanical engineering professor created a specialized batting glove for Thomas so that he could return to play without serious pain. The glove is partly the result of a new initiative that brings researchers, Michigan Athletics and industry partners together to optimize physical performance and health.

Rethinking exercise: Replace punishing workouts with movement that makes you happy

  • In a new study funded internally by the National Cancer Institute, Michelle Segar, director of the University of Michigan’s Sport, Health, and Activity Research and Policy Center, and co-investigators analyzed what women say makes them feel happy and successful, and how their expectations and beliefs about exercise foster or undermine those things.

ESSI projects aim to optimize physical performance and health

  • Four research teams will share $800,000 in awards from the University of Michigan’s Exercise & Sport Science Initiative. The projects measure the effects of physical activity on brain aging, examine the influence of sleep on athletic performance, devise new techniques for integrating and analyzing exercise and physical data, and develop a model for predicting injury in runners.

U-M launches exercise and sport science initiative

  • The University of Michigan launched the Exercise & Sport Science Initiative, a new research program that draws on experts from a wide range of faculty and students across campus, Michigan Athletics and industry partners to optimize physical performance and health for athletes and exercisers of all ages and abilities.

Michigan lab helps runners improve form, decrease time

  • Athletes of all levels, from marathoners to casual joggers, take their running seriously. The Michigan Performance Research Laboratory caters to this crowd.