Course – Topics in Human Performance

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AES 313.006

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Topics in Human Performance

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Dr. Alexandra DeJong Lempke


Topics in Human Performance

Course Number: AES 313.006
(Kinesiology, Applied Exercise Science)

Schedule: T/Th  
Time and Location: TBD 
Credit Hours:  *3 units *General elective units – confirm with major/school academic advisor

An introduction to a variety of topics in the science and practice of improving human athletic performance.  These topics include training, recovery, nutrition, analysis, and performance support.

Expert guest speakers with applied experience in each topic area

Guest Speakers

  • University of Virginia (UVA) Men’s Basketball Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Professional Business Owner (NCAA D1 Track and Field Coaching Experience)
  • Performance and Development Scientist at Orlando Magic NBA Team
  • University of Kentucky Director for the Sport and Exercise Psychology Graduate Program
  • And Others

Note: Due to professional and/or personal obligations the list of presenters may change.


  • Topic 1: Training – Theory
  • Topic 2: Training – Endurance
  • Topic 3: Training – Strength and Power
  • Topic 4: Overtraining
  • Topic 5: Sleep
  • Topic 6: Nutrition
  • Topic 7: Psychology
  • Topic 8: Coaching
  • Topic 9: Equipment
  • Topic 10: Performance Analysis
  • Topic 11: Adaptive Performance
  • Topic 12: Lifespan Changes

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Meet the Instructor and Course Designer

Dr. Alexandra DeJong Lempke is a Faculty member with Exercise & Sport Science Initiative (ESSI) in the School of Kinesiology who is designing and will be teaching  the new courses.  Please view their video on the exciting new courses that will begin to be offered this coming winter term 2023.

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